Frequently Asked Questions

The other company doesn’t charge a Service Fee, why do you?

Other companies almost always charge their customers travel time. This is a by-the-hour charge to drive to and from your home. If it takes them an hour to drive to your home you pay an hour. If they stop for coffee, you usually pay an hour and fifteen minutes.
At 24 Hour Plumbing Heating, we want our clients to know everything upfront. That is why you will invest in a set service fee no matter how long it takes to get to your home and to assess your issues and offer options. We want there to be “No Hidden Costs At All!”

What is your overtime rate?

We don’t have an overtime rate! Our Honest Upfront Pricing and the investment levels do not change “after hours”. We understand that your plumbing & heating equipment doesn’t wait for normal business hours to break down. Therefore a repair performed on Monday afternoon will be the same as a repair done on Saturday night. The only difference is a slight change in the initial service fee but the repairs, which are the largest cost to the client, do not change after hours. No more worrying about paying high overtime rates.

How much is it to get someone out today?

Let me share with you what to expect during your service visit today. Because your time is valuable, This saves you not only time, but money. Our technician always does a thorough evaluation of the problem and will spend time with you, helping you understand the problem and the proper procedure to repair it right. He will give you a Honest Upfront Pricing with options, before any work begins so you know exactly what it costs and what is going to be done. As the client you only have to pay a small service fee to get this technician to your home and have him assess your problem.

Why don’t you charge by the hour?

The best way to describe why we chose to offer Honest Upfront Pricing. instead of charging by the hour is that we feel the client always has to “win” when we are helping them. “It’s easy for a company to make money by the hour. Send an untrained technician who takes double the time to complete a job. Make sure never to invest in training and make sure his truck is disorganized with no parts on it. Then the customer has to pay for it all.”
Clients love our Honest Upfront Pricing. We want our clients to have the best possible experience because let’s face it, advertising is expensive. We want our clients to use us again and again. This saves us money on advertising and allows us to get to work with people we know again and again. The only way to do that is to exceed your expectations. When companies charge by the hour our clients never know what they are in for to get a repair done until the very end. They are often unable to make the best (or often any) decisions as to the best option for their home. With Honest Upfront Pricing there is no “milking of hours” or unnecessary trips which the client ends up paying for. Our clients have all the options are presented before work begins. With our Honest Upfront Pricing, the onus of being efficient falls onto our shoulders. The client agrees to the investment which is all printed in our Pricing Guide that we are more than happy to share with our clients.
In a nutshell, the client almost always loses when paying by the hour. Any inefficiencies are “billed” to the customer. This is not the way for us to WOW you and to get you, your family, and your friends to use us again. With Honest Upfront Pricing we are always investing in training and being efficient so you know you are not paying by the hour for someone who is not good at their craft.

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